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How Blocktrade IRA Works

We make it easy to buy, sell, and trade, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Cash with your retirement account. Our Digital Currency IRA is easy to set up, completely secure, and IRS-compliant.

Our process is simple:

1. Apply

Click here to apply for a Blocktrade
IRA account.

2. Transfer Funds

After your account is set up, funds are then
transferred from your current retirement account
to your new Digital Currency IRA.

3. Purchase Digital Currency

Once your account is funded, we’ll perform a live
trade with you over the phone and purchase the
digital currencies of your choice.

4. Access Your Digital Wallet

Your digital currency is stored safely in your digital
wallet protected safest industry leading
multi-signature encryption technology.

Your Investment is Safe

Your IRA is protected by multiple layers of security.

Secure Digital Wallet

Your Digital Currency is stored using BitGo – the most secure Digital Wallet in the industry, with multi signature encryption, digital security, and over $6 Billion in monthly transactions.
Learn more about Bitgo.

ID & Voice Verification

We won’t perform trades on your behalf without ID verification and voice authorization. This ensures that no one but you can make transactions – and keeps your investment safe.

Security Keys

3 unique security keys are generated on your behalf to ensure maximum security. They are kept with:

  • Your digital wallet, BitGo
  • Your Bitcoin IRA custodian, Kingdom Trust
  • Your backup key provider,

Multiple keys protect your Digital Currency IRA funds against single computer compromises and against single key losses.

A multi-signature wallet is one where multiple private keys are required to move your digital currency instead of a single key. These private keys are spread across multiple machines, and eliminate the opportunity of theft due to hackers or computer malware.

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